What is really happening on college campuses today

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

Watching what is taking place on college campuses today, and through that prism, witnessing the progress of American society, is very, very scary. I believe Professor Bret Weinstein nails it in this interview by Jason Bellini, video reporter of the Wall Street Journal, at around the seven minute mark.

Professor Weinstein says straight out

“Liberty is not a high value amongst those who are driving the quest for social justice”

This is a truly scary thought.

As President Ronald Reagan once said so eloquently:

A large and growing percentage of the younger generation of American youth do not understand the importance of liberty and what impact that can have on the freedom of the society they are now enjoying as free men and women!

Professor Weinstein ended up resigning from the University because the students called for it, because he was against minorities holding a walkout day, where whites had to refrain from attending classes on campus for a day.

His resistance against this extremely racist concept was called racist!

Again, Professor Weinstein is a liberal himself! What we are witnessing is the phenomena of the chickens of “progressive thinking” coming home to roost and throwing out their liberal professors who are not liberal enough for them!

This Professor had to leave his job because of this absurdity. Yet, we can no longer look at this at just being absurd, because this progressive thinking is a spreading cancer in America, since this growing attitude against free speech, and of intolerance, is growing stronger and stronger in tomorrow’s leaders of America.

Bill Drummond, Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley states the simple truth for all to hear:

“Students today are just not tolerant of opposing points of view”

He continues with something so ludicrous, yet so true “It’s hard to sell them on opposing points of view because it makes them feel angry and uncomfortable” says Drummond.

When Drummond was a student at Berkeley, he was at the forefront of the free speech movement on campus, pressuring the University to allow for political activities on campus, which paved the way for campus protests against the Vietnam war a few years later. Today Drummond is part of a small group of liberal Professors speaking out against students who are intolerant of opposing views. He expressed that students today are coming to Berkeley more polarized than any time since the late 60’s.

Published: February 4, 2018
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