When Pro-Hamas Protesters Try to Explain Why They Hate Israel, Things Get Interesting

Dan Joseph, MRC TV host, interviews protesters at a “Christians United for Israel” convention in Washington. The man has much patience. You really need that in order to listen to what these people have to say.
These protesters don’t look like bad or anti-Semitic people. They are just uninformed. They make interesting statements. “You shouldn’t attack a group that has a smaller army than you do.” Or “Hamas is not a terrorist organization. The United States is the biggest terrorist organization there is.”
“The Israeli government set up the kidnapping of the boys who were murdered”. “People should not be slaughtered in their beds. I think the Israelis are heinous.”
Where did these people, who seem to be intelligent, learn and come to believe all of these incredibly ludicrous ideas? Are people just looking for a cause? Is Arab/Muslim propaganda infiltrating major parts of American society?
This is a funny video. But we need to remember that it is also frightening. We need to examine what we read and hear, and respond and educate others. That’s the only way to keep the world from sinking into an abyss of ignorance and hatred.

Published: July 15, 2017
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