When The Grandson Of A Nazi Is Like, ‘Hmm, This Seems Familiar,’ It’s Time To Pay Attention

Rainer Höss lives with a past that he wishes he could delete. He is the focus of this video, where he urges Europeans to come out in full force in order to keep Neo-Nazi parties from gaining power in Europe. Could it be that such a short amount of time has passed since the atrocities of the Holocaust, and Europeans are again turning to national socialist parties? Are the people of Europe capable of silently standing by and allowing another Holocaust to take place?
In a quick assessment, the results of the European 2014 elections seem to indicate that there is a general swing to the right with parties that seem to support Nazi values and ideas gaining seats. Can it happen? Perhaps. We need to become aware and make others aware of what is going on in Europe so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Published: March 22, 2017
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