When the Weather got so Bad that it Closed the Highway, The Jews Knew Exactly What to do!

There is something about the chassidic viewpoint that puts much of the difficulty and frustration that we all experience in our lives into perspective. Chassidism believes in serving God through joy within the framework of our everyday lives.

How does one achieve joy? That is something singular to each individual. However, Jewish tradition does emphasize singing and dancing as a way of bringing about inner joy.

Watch and savor the chassidic, Jewish approach to achieving inner joy during a traffic jam on the I-80.

There is literally no place on the earth that a true Chasid will not continue to experience true joy in their life. It is about being in a constant state of mind wherein one is attuned to God and fulfilling His will.

This awareness fills a person with a deep state of happiness that will overcome any challenges that come their way.

Published: May 26, 2017
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