When TV Host Asked Arab Woman For The Truth, He Got A Lot More Than He Bargained For

Her name is Shams.

A woman on Arab TV dropped some truth bombs in this clip. Preach it, girl. [FYI: Her name is Shams]

Posted by Ken Webster Jr aka Producer Kenny on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Millions of people are suffering in Syria and Iraq. Where is the real solution to this issue? Is it through Arab citizenship in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Egypt? The answer is what all of these suffering people know. Either they escape to somewhere in the West or their lives will continue to be in perilous danger.

Syrian people and Iraqi people have been killed in the tens of thousands for many years now and all of the Arab countries have turned a blind-eye on them.

Why is the truth not being said at all?

The massive divide between the West and the Middle East is made so crystal clear by this woman who does not mince words in her criticism of how little the Arab countries have been doing for their brethren.

To create the mirage that ISIS or Iraqi fighters are saviors for these people is simply denying the truth.

Published: May 13, 2017
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