Where Is The UN?

14.9 miles away from the Israeli city of Hispin, the Syrian army bombed the Syrian city of Nawa. What country bombs its own cities? Israel, an island of sanity in the Middle East, watches in disbelief as it tries to help the victims.

Watching the ongoing war in Syria from afar, provokes very basic questions. What is the purpose of a country? What are the countries obligations to it’s citizens? When is it justified to use force against citizens of the country? What began as a nationwide protest turned into armed rebellion. What we, as citizens of a democratic country, take for granted such as the right to protest, should not be disregarded. There are those for whom this kind of freedom is a dream. Just a dream.

Check out the video of an Arab Israeli boy, Mohammed Zoabi, discussing just this issue at:

Published: March 7, 2015
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