While They Destroy, We Rebuild!

Rebuilding and resurrecting is a special expertise of the Jewish People. That is because there is so much of value to preserve and reconstruct. What’s hard to understand is why there are nations that believe in destruction. It seems that they can’t tolerate greatness, beauty, and accomplishment in others. These are cultures based on hate.

The modern Islamic nations have established their cultures on hatred. Hatred of western societies and in particular of Israel. That has become their mainstay. And, so, they have concentrated on destroying and killing. In Europe, in North America, and especially in Israel. The Palestinians are a prime example. Their destructive digging on the Temple Mount has destroyed astounding numbers of archeological finds, thousands of years old. They have burned and ransacked Jewish and Christian holy sites wherever they have the authority to do so. And of course, they kill and spread propoganda about Israel and Israelis throughout the world.

To create a world of peace, beauty and progress is an impossibility without putting a stop to the culture of hate that has poisoned some countries in the world. The world needs to tell them “no more” so that the rebuilding, revival and restoration of the world can happen.

Published: August 10, 2016
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