Why college campuses must change now before it’s too late

Welcome to the new reality of American campuses – Anti-Semitic activity is growing. And we all thought that with progress the world is becoming a better, more tolerant, respectful place. Who would have thunk that in the year 2016 anti-semitism would be growing 🙁

A study documented examined over 100 public and private colleges and universities from January through June of 2016, and found 287 anti-Semitic incidents occurred at 64 schools, compared to 198 occurrences that took place during the same time last year, reflecting a 45 percent increase.

“The growing problem of campus anti-Semitism is no doubt a serious threat facing the Jewish community. But this disturbing and dangerous spike and the bolder, more brazen methods of those perpetrating this hate are particularly alarming,” warned Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, AMCHA Initiative director and co-founder.

Published: September 5, 2016
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