Why is Britain so tolerant of Muslim Terrorists parading in their streets? – Islamophobia

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel just posted this extremely important video with Simon Barrett of Revelation TV highlighting the huge problem called “Islamophobia” in Britian.

While British Prime Minister Theresa May clearly states in the video that extremism “is shameful and it has to end”, NOTHING is being done by Britain to make that happen!

Every year, Hizbullah has a parade down London’s Downing street called the Al-Quds parade, which is an Israel hate-fest. Hizbullah flags fly high on the streets of London during this parade.

The problem is that Hizbullah is a terrorist organization! Even the Arab League has designated it as a terror organization, yet Britain, for whatever reason, does NOT designate Hizbullah as a terror organization! They prefer to believe Hizbullah’s lie that they have two separate branches, a terrorist branch and a political branch. For a people who proclaim to have some intelligence, the British, in this case, are either showing how stupid they are, or they are showing their anti-semitic side by intentionally giving life to this lie because the main targets of Hizbullah’s terror are Israel and the Jews!

How can Britain fight the Muslim extremism in Britain if Britain can not even designate a terror organization as a terror organization?

That is part of the overall problem of Islamophobia in Britain. While it is nice that PM May says that extremism has to end, if she is not able to allow the British authorities to call out the extremism of Islam within Britain, her words are meaningless.

This problem of Islamophobia in British is compounded by the recent discovery that the BBC has intentionally been refraining from reporting on the violence, rapes and terror taking place in Britain at the hands of Muslims. This wasn’t just discovered, but a BBC journalist actually admitted this in a live video stream interviewing Tommy Robinson.

Published: February 12, 2018
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