Why is Justin Trudeau so obsessed with Islam?


Once again, we see the issue of “Islamophobia” pushing a world leader, and his government, to go crazy, endangering his citizenship with policies and political appointments. We are referring to Justin Trudeau and Canada.

The following is part of a transcript for the video above:

For the past two years, Trudeau has done a number of questionable things to show that he is very sympathetic to Muslims, even to Muslim extremists, who he has now given millions of dollars to.

For the record, Canada does not have a history of persecuting Muslims, so there is no ground to make up here.

In the last two years Trudeau has passed a motion banning criticism of Islam, which singles out criticism of Islam as a form of Islamophobia, a full front assault on freedom of speech. He brought in tens of thousands of Muslim refugees, including many young men who don’t speak English or French, and have little or any job skills.

Here he is wearing Islamic socks at the gay pride parade in Toronto. Has he forgotten that some Muslim majority countries kill gay people for their lifestyle? And he clearly doesn’t like native Canadians. Look at what he says here:

“You choose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted and we default with this place.”

All of us born here are ungrateful? That is some statement!

Trudeau’s first policy move as Prime Minister included removing our airplanes from the coalition fight against the Islamic State, because fighting Islamic murderers is wrong, even though documents reveal Iraqis wanted our jets to help.

Wouldn’t Trudeau want Canada to help its biggest ally and neighbor, America?


Trudeau appointed Saudi born Omar Alghabra to be parliamentary Secretary. The same man who has been accused of condemning newspapers for labeling Hamas and Hizbullah terrorist organizations. He said he didn’t believe Hamas believes in destroying Israel and he mourned the death of Yassar Arafat.

Trudeau also appointed Ahmen Hussen, a Somali born Muslim refugee to be Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship post. There he would oversee issues pertaining the Syrian refugee crisis and Muslim immigration directly. There are currently 11 Muslim MPs in Trudeau’s cabinet, the highest number ever.

Just last week Trudeau offered a former Islamic terrorist who murdered an American medic and left another blinded $10.5 million, tax free.

Is Justin Trudeas obsessed with Islam and Muslims or is it just me?

Published: February 13, 2018
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