WOW! See What Happens When an Anti-Semitic Politician learns he is a Jew!!!

This is a story of courage. This is the story of Czanad Scegedi, a Hungarian politician and member of the European Parliament, part of an antisemitic facist party, who discovered one day in June, 2012, that his maternal grandparents and his mother were Jewish. It is hard to say what Scegedi felt when he went to speak to his 90 year-old grandmother and discovered that she had been in Auschwitz and that most of her family had perished in that infamous camp. What could have been going through the head of a rising politician who had until that point spewed anti-semitic views and statements?
Scegedi changed. He changed his lifestyle, and, even more dramatically, he changed his world views. Scegedi began to visit the local Lubavitch emissary, Rabbi Schlomo Koves to learn about Judaism. He attended synogogue. Some members of the synogogue refused to pray with him, yet others befriended him. He visited Israel with his wife. He went to Yad VaShem, the Israeli national holocaust museum, and the wailing wall. Today, Scegedi is a practicing Jew.
It is hard to fathom how a person can make such a dramatic change. After all, Scegedi hated Jews. He belonged to a Neo-Nazi movement until it was disbanded in 2009. Not only was Scegedi able to purge himself of his hatred, he actually embraced his Judaism.
This is a comment on being human. If we could only cleanse ourselves of our invalid hate and biases, we could actually embrace and accept what seems strange and foreign to us. There is hope for mankind. For all people of the world to accept one another and build a world based on love and respect. Czenad Scegedi’s story is a message of light and hope for all mankind.

Published: December 3, 2016
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