Yoni Netanyahu: The Heart and Mind of a Hero

“Yoni” Netanyahu. Son of Zila and Benzion Netanyahu and older brother to Benjamin and Ido Netanyahu. Yoni was a legend in his time. Nothing seemed to be too formidable for Yoni to tackle. After his studies in Harvard, Yoni returned to Israel and served as a commander and later high ranking officer in any unit that needed him. This included Paratroopers, the armored brigade, and the elite Charuv and Sayeret Matkal commando unit. In the last unit, he served together with his two younger brothers for two years.
It is hard to fathom the self-sacrifice and devotion Yoni had for his people and his country. His astuteness and farsightedness saved countless Israeli soldiers and civilians. His last and final sacrifice for his people stands as an eternal memorial of his love for Israel and the Jewish Nation.

Published: October 5, 2015
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