Yonina released a new single that will leave you glued to the screen wanting more

The rush of modern-day living has led many singers to compose powerful songs that have one theme – Live Life! Don’t just let it slip away through a mad rush. This couple creates beautiful harmony whenever they team up.

Lyrics Translation:
Where did the day go? It just began and already seems finished.
Remind me what I was searching for
Everything sounds loud to me – inside and out
Can’t stop racing
What are you so worried about?
When every minute chases the next,
Turning love into a chore
At night I land in bed again
To rest before the next war
Am I on the way to relaxation and peace?
Chasing horizons, cutting in line, letting the traffic drive me out of my mind
And every moment happiness is just around the corner,
Just a breath away

So how do we live days that are long
Where each moment is intentional and fills me from within
I want to desire my life, love my days, and see good, only good

I stop, and look up
You see more when you slow down
And how simple it is, to simply be and feel and give thanks
I’m no longer standing on the side, in my hand is the present time
If life is a deposit I don’t want to waste another moment
I know that happiness is just around the corner,
Just a breath away

Published: May 21, 2017
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