You Better Watch Your Back

Meet Meir Kalmonson. Actor and filmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. Meir came to Israel and decided to have fun… The interesting thing about this video, as opposed to the high five video that he made in NY as a way of helping people relax, make physical contact and forget their anxious tension, is that the people Meir danced around in Jerusalem didn’t even know that he was there. Well, a few noticed him, but for the most part, he tried to remain unnnoticed. The performance was for us, his video viewers, who got a kick out of seeing him perform his antics unknown to those being filmed with him. See him dancing at the shuk (marketplace), by the walls of the old city, open-street cafes, the center of town and the Western Wall.
Meir is a new breed. Someone who enjoys breaking social norms to bring out a smile. “”In a world of electronics, cell phones, and all that jazz, which is great, sometimes we get all caught up in that and it’s great to have a human connection.” So Meir has begun his efforts to help us all break out of our “box” and just enjoy. Just for a minute… Purim a bit early?
Good work Meir – hope you’re already working on the next one…

Published: July 27, 2015
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