You will be blown away by how much trees teach us!

Can we learn alot from trees?

You betcha.

This ode to trees is super profound.

The Bible claims that mankind and Trees have so much in common.

There is so much richness in the world of trees.

My personal favorite idea to take from trees is the profound concept that when we look at a tree, we can almost never see any growth going on.

However, in truth, what is happening beneath the surface and on the inside of the tree is a whole world of hidden life.

So too, in every person, there is a whole world that is hidden beneath the surface of what the human eye can observe.

Each and every person has a past, a family, and an entire heritage that makes up who that person is.

In addition, each and every person has hidden emotions and hidden thoughts and passions that are unknown to an observer.

Yes, we are like trees that are always in a growth stage – even if we look stagnant and unmoving.

Yes, we are like trees in that we are different in the winter, autumn, spring, or summer.

Yes, we are different – one from another – like all trees are different one from another.

The analogies between humans and trees are truly endless because we have so much in common.

One of the most brilliant books on this subject was written by Yaakov Kirschen, the famed Dry Bones cartoonist, who aptly named his book, Trees.

This brilliantly illustrated book has the full title of Trees – The Green Testament.

Kirschen’s basic thesis is that if the trees could speak to us, they would say so much.

They would explain the history of the world through the prism of the Jewish people lighting tree-shaped candelabra and the enemies of Israel destroying the trees as the ultimate form of destruction.

The Wall Street Journal reported in a front page story that the book was being received by some as a work of “Prophecy” and the cartoonist was being called a “Prophet.”

For a CBN interview with the cartoonist, Yaakov Kirschen about ethnic cleansing going on in the Middle East by ISIS click here.

Published: February 6, 2018
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