You won’t believe how Finland is teaching women to avoid Muslim RAPE!

TV-media in Finland teaches citizens how to protect themselves…

TV-media in Finland teaches citizens how to protect themselves against being raped !You just couldn't make this stuff up anymore , it would be funny if the situation regarding the #rapefugees wasn't so serious . A picture of a gun instead of all this nonsense would have been less work and more effective !

Posted by Generation Europa on Monday, February 1, 2016

And then their is this amazing spoof:

This 3 stage depiction what to do if a Muslim rapist were to approach a woman may work if the rapist were a sweet and caring rapist. However, most do not fit this description. The spoof video is as realistic as is the original video.

There are solutions to the rape problem – they are called tighter immigration laws and some serious fences.

Open borders creates chaos. It’s time for the world to wake up to the rude reality of the Muslim invasion of Europe.

Published: November 4, 2016
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