You would not BELIEVE what these Hasidim are singing!

Cantor Benzion Miller and friends sing “G-d bless America” preceding a baseball game. And it makes you wonder. Jews are an interesting People. They’ve resided in practically every country in the world. Some countries were “friendlier” than others. Truly friendly. Until they weren’t. A famous Jewish sage wrote in the early 1920’s “there are Jews that are saying that Berlin is Jerusalem.” That didn’t last long.

The Jewish People have a special prayer said each Sabbath for their host country. Since the country provides basic necessities and, for the most part, protection, the Jewish residents were always grateful and prayed for the country’s success.

Today there is a Jewish State and there are also a great many Jews who still reside in many countries around the world. This makes the idea of praying for the country in which one lives perplexing. What country should Jewish communities pray for on the Sabbath?

Published: February 10, 2015
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