A Deeper Look Into August 2nd 1923

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On August 2nd, 1923, a baby boy named Szymon was born to Yitzchak and Sara Perski in in Wiszniew, Poland. Young Szymon immigrated to Israel with his parents in 1936 where he became “Shimon Peres” who gradually became a very influential figure in the Israel’s Mapai or Labor party. With time he became the youngest person to serve as Israel’s minister of defense.
One of Peres’ most strategic accomplishments was the creation of Israel’s nuclear reactor near the city of Dimona in the Negev. Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, believed that Israel would be needing nuclear energy for many different purposes, the foremost being the power of deterrence and prevention of a future holocaust . And while the United States would not agree to help Israel build a large-scale reactor without supervision, Peres was able to negotiate with France in order to purchase materials and provide intensive training for engineering and chemistry students studying at the Technion Institute. Peres recalls that at first no-one believed it would happen and, once supposedly in existence, became the subject of high concern in Europe and the United States.
When asked for his thoughts on the construction of a nuclear reactor Peres responded: “We’re the only nation in the world whose existence is under threat, and we’re the only nation in the world who is not a threat to anyone. We needed to find a solution to that problem. I have no doubt the reactor gave Israel a dimension of deterrence. For me, Dimona was the first step to Oslo. It was built so we’ll have the possibility to make peace.” (ynet.com)

Published: August 5, 2015
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