A peek inside Israel’s only missile testing unit

This is one of Israel’s most secretive units. Israeli missiles comprise a vital aspect of Israel’s IDF.  They are in charge of launches, and there are so many aspects to it.

A typical launch has specialists in the field of engineering and science as they design their rocket. Yet Israel has other factors. It is surrounded by Arab countries, and Israel itself is a small country. So there needs to be a way of ensuring that enemy countries don’t get access to rockets that fall back to Earth. Israel’s solution was to place the testing zone as far away as possible from the Arab countries – and that meant launching from the beach, and over water.

Despite Israel’s small size, it has succeeded in launching many rockets and this continues to be a vital aspect of Israel’s defense against enemy missiles.

Israeli missiles are important for offense and defense.

Missile Threats Today

Right now, Israel deals with missile threats from the north and south.

On Israel’s northern border, the Hizbullah largely dominates the country of Lebanon.  They literally have thousands of missiles facing Israel.  Only the threat of superior fire power from Israel keeps the Hizbullah at bay.

The Hizbullah is largely a proxy of the Iranian regime.  But they are not alone.

To the south, the Hamas dominates the Gaza Strip.  They have already fired thousands of missiles at Israeli cities and battled a few rounds with the Israeli Army.  They are another proxy of Iran.  Together with the Hizbullah, they pose an enormous threat to the State of Israel.

But the Israeli army stands strong and continues to build newer and more advanced anti-missile systems to combat threats.



Published: January 11, 2018
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