A young Holocaust victim left behind a clue that would reunite her family decades later

The ricochets of the destruction that the Nazi Holocaust perpetrated upon millions of Jewish people during World War II reverberate to this day.

The heartwarming story encapsulated in this video will definitely put the important things of life into perspective.

The story of families that were largely destroyed, but who’s remnants were reunited 70+ years later, is of course a powerful platform that forces one to ponder about so many things. To ponder about the mysteries of the great tragedies that men have the ability to perpetrate upon one another, and the cheapness of life during such tumultuous times.

However, there is one aspect of this story which perhaps shines a light on another aspect of the Holocaust – namely, the victory of brave young helpless souls over fully armed evil souls, driven by pure racism to destroy.

First off, one needs to understand that in World War II, the Nazi regime was evil.

This needs to be made crystal clear. An entire country descended into a horrible abyss of pure racism through which the leadership decided that an entire race, the Jewish race, was to be completely obliterated. This was the worst display of anti-Semitism in the history of the world.

(Their was a minority of Germans that did not take part, but they were largely irrelevant to the millions of Jews who were caught up in the claws of the Nazis.)

With this backdrop, it must be made clear that the Jewish people had no State and no Army, and therefore no weapons through which to defend themselves.

Most of the Jewish people in Germany were rather assimilated into many aspects of German culture and most of the Jewish people in Poland were poor peasants or themselves assimilated into many aspects of Polish culture. So, they were either caught unexpected and/or powerless to expect such an enormously dangerous wave of anti-Jewish hatred.

When the blitzkriegs of the German occupation began in 1939 and millions of Jewish people in Poland suddenly found themselves force into being prisoners in concentration camps with inhumane conditions, their lives and humanity were forced into the ultimate test.

Not only did they have to battle physically to survive, but they had to battle spiritually to not lose their humaneness while the German Nazis treated them like dogs or cattle waiting to be slaughtered or gassed.

What young people like the relative in this film were able to do was to perhaps make one last move before being killed which proved to be her parting shot to the world. By dropping or burying her pendant into the ground, she had expressed her hope that one day, some people would perhaps find a sliver of a memory of her short tragic life.

This heart-warming story contains one small victory of a young Jewish soul over the soulless Nazi Germany.

Published: January 22, 2018
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