Israel Video Network is the premier Israel video syndicate covering Israel and the Jewish world. We provide videos with news, features, opinions and analysis to online publications around the world.

Welcome back to Israelvideonetwork.com, which once was the most effective website that distributed online videos about Israel and the Jewish people around the world. Our purpose was, and still is, to be a voice for Israel and the Jewish people that mainstream media rarely features.

After massive changes by Big Tech companies, after Donald Trump’s Presidential win in 2016, our 6 million monthly video-view website was severely hit. So we launched a new website IsraelUnwired.com.

For years, Israelvideonetwork.com has been mostly stagnant, until today. Now we are relaunching with a new purpose, a video syndication service.

Our syndication network is an exclusive video platform where we approve every video and video creator that is added.

Any website interested in video content about Israel, the Jewish people, the left’s culture war and the global jihad against the freedom-loving world can sign up for our video syndication service.

Any content creator interested in adding their content to our syndication network can contact us about joining our service.

Some of the most popular content on Israelvideonetwork.com before we were taken down by Big Tech:
(As you can see, some of the content was taken down by Youtube, a problem we aim to solve by hosting videos on our video syndication platform instead)

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The Most Important Video About Israel Ever Made2.6 million views on Israel Video Network
The Most Revealing Video About The Middle East You Will Ever See 2.6 million views on Israel Video Network
Arab Palestinians Have Begged Youtube to Remove This Video1.4 million views on Israel Video Network

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