Actor Jon Voight Publicly Destroys Obama for Betraying Israel

God bless Jon Voight. This is a man who lives his beliefs. He paid visits to Jewish victims of Hamas missiles in the Saroka hospital in Beer Sheva and was shocked to see injured Palestinians lying side by side with Israeli Jewish terrror victims. For Israel, this phenomenon is commonplace.
There is a basic truth and understanding in Voight’s words that pro-Palistinian groups and Muslim extremists would like us all to shut our eyes to: It is a crime to shoot missiles at innocent civilians with the intent of killing them.
Any country who is being attacked by artillary has the right to defend itself in a counterattack.
A country that defends itself from artillary attack is not an agressor.
It’s good that people like John Voight point these basic truths at times or we would completely overlook them.

Published: November 17, 2016
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