BDSers Want This Video Deleted – You’ve GOTTA See It Before It’s Too Late!

What drives the world to hate one of the smallest countries on earth?

Is Israel truly the world’s most villainous land?

Many people believe that Israel’s human rights record is equivalent to South Africa’s record of the previous era.

They believe that Israel poses a greater world threat than Iran, and that is a state bordering on the edge of Nazi fascism.

Are such absurdities true or are they perhaps the result of the greatest propaganda war in history?

Boycott THIS! examines the false and ridiculous claims against the world’s only Jewish state using satire and humor as college comedian, Brad Stine, leads the viewer through a minefield of hate to find the truth.

Do we need to care about Israel? Is it so important? This video will enlighten you and bring many chuckles to your face.

Published: September 26, 2016
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