Ben Shapiro Rips Obama to Shreds on Fox News

So why has Baraq Obama held silence as other world leaders have reached out to Prime Minister Netanyahu fighting for Israel’s survival? Obama prefers using US tax dollars to fund a terrorist state ruled by the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad who have been included in a Palistinian unity government. He, in essence. is making a statement on behalf of the United States of America: The US supports radical terrorist organizations and would prefer that Israel “act with restraint” as thousands of missiles are fired at civilian centers within her borders.

Ben Shapiro, who runs a law-firm, author of several best-sellers including The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration, and talk-show host, and editor of, has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. Hear him tell it like it is. You may just be convinced…

Published: July 11, 2014
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