Blasting the Lies and Mistruths of Peace Now against Israel!

In this interview on the newly passed settlement law, there was so much to say to stop the lies and mis-truths that I didn’t get to answer the actual question that was asked! – ‘What is the end game of the settlement law? So here is my answer – this settlement law is a band aid solution that the Israeli Supreme Court will most definitely dismiss because it goes against their ideological leftist agenda. BUT, this law has started the process which will bring about the end game which is that Israel will finally apply sovereignty over areas in Judea and Samaria, and ultimately over all the areas, except for the all-Arab cities! What will happen with the major Arab cities? I don’t know but they will either be given autonomy or some federation type solution with Jordan. But this is HUGE news, we are getting closer to final Israeli sovereignty in our ancestral homeland!

There are still a number of battles ahead, but this is the direction of where things are headed, finally!

Just disappointed I didn’t get to call him out on his blatant lie at the end of the interview against Israel. Disgusting, lying about Israel like that. NO, there is no law like that in Israel, otherwise plenty of Jewish owners of property in Israel would have been killed, but they weren’t

Published: February 7, 2017
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