BOOM! Watch Out Hizbullah!!

Hizbullah has every reason to steer clear of the Israeli Naval Forces. The Israeli Navy, also known as the “White Corps” because of their white uniforms, are among the most resourceful and versatile soldiers in the IDF, many times taking on two or three separate responsibilities as needed. It has high level technological naval weaponry that far exceeds the M16’s and heavy machine guns being fired out to sea in the video. Using advanced technology, such as the Harpoon missile, which was redesigned for long distances and now can be fired from the highly advanced Dolphin submarine from the sea to distances as far as 1500 kilometers as far as Syria and beyond. It seems that this was the missile fired from sea to destroy an enormous amount of weaponry that Syria was planning on sending to the Hizbullah, solely to be used against Israel.
Israel has been extremely innovative in inventing and using hi-tech, sea weaponry to its maximum advantage and, to maintain security. It would do Hizbullah well to pay attention and reconsider further hostilities towards Israel.

Published: April 18, 2017
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