Did you ever wonder how the Jews built the pyramids?

Elon Gold is a Jewish comedian, and he is hilarious! In this segment, he discusses the Jews and the building of the pyramids in ancient Egypt.

How on earth did the pyramids end up becoming pyramids anyway?

This will give you a good laugh!

Elon Gold has a distinct way of taking his Bible knowledge and applying hilarious insights to the Bible.


“I noticed that the tourism industry in Egypt is shvach….”

His experience in joke-telling goes back to his early days as a teenager when he had all of his classmates in stitches performing in front of his friends.

Elon’s take on Biblical stories with modern-day Jewish thinking is simply one-of-a kind. This guy is great!

For more Elon Gold, Watch some of his best performances here.

Published: October 4, 2017
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