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This may be an issue of “Freedom of Speech” and the first ammendment, but it is no less an issue of “respect for religion”. And lack of respect for the Islamic religion has been named “Islamophobia”, a highly offensive crime according to entire Muslim world, whose view has been adopted by the U.N. Yet attack on other religions seems to be fine as far as Muslims are concerned. Muslim countries throughout the centuries saw no problem with killing Jews and Christians and demoloshing synagogues and churches.
In Modern day Algeria, all synogogues have been turned into mosques and most of the 140,000 Jews there in the 1950’s have fled.
In Egypt, in March 2013, Egyptian security banned an Egyptian film “The Jews of Egypt”, a documentary about the Arab nation’s once-thriving Jewish community, the day before it was due to open in Egyptian cinemas.
Since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, 13 Jews have been executed for religious reasons or connections to Israel.
In Baghdad, Iraq, the one remaining synagogue was closed in 2003 after it became too dangerous to gather in public. No one knows exactly how many Jews remain in Baghdad or in Iraq. It is estimated that there are 7 in Baghdad, mostly poor, ill and elderly.
Due to savage progroms, there are virtually no Jews remaining from the once thriving Libyan Jewish community. The last Jew died in February 2002.
In Tunisia hundreds of Jewish gravestones and one of the main synogogues have been plundered and vandalized.
In Yemen, in October, the government has given the hundered or so remaining Jews and ultimatum to convert to Islam or leave. It can no longer provide protection for them. Then Yemen will be the another Muslim country to be “Judenrein”.

It appears that Muslims require the world to uphold freedom of speech and freedom of religion for Muslims. For all other religions it’s not a human right. In fact, it seems to be a crime.

Published: October 28, 2015
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