Don’t Miss A Taste of our Upcoming Israel Trip!

In May you can come join us for a full week tour of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem! Click here for more information.

The following videos are a taste of what you will experience, through the eyes of people who did a one day tour this week!

Here are some of the people who joined this special one day trip!

…and now for the unbelievable tour!

Why did people change their plans last minute and join this special tour of Judea & Samaria

Wine Tasting at the Psagot Winery in the Beautiful Hills of Samaria. Listening to great speakers, seeing unbelievable views and delicious wine tasting!

Inspiring words from the founder of the Psagot Windery, overlooking the beautiful Hills of Samaria

Listening to a beautiful youth choir in the beautiful Hills of Judea

Listening to world renown religious leader, educator and speaker Rabbi Riskin speak

Listening to the world renown journalist Caroline Glick, associate editor of the Jerusalem Post

Celebrating at Oz V’gaon in the beautiful Gush Etzion area of the Judean Hills

Ending the day at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount with some dancing and singing

IDF ceremony at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, as we finished our day

Published: January 5, 2017
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