Drinking Fountain Apartheid on the Temple Mount

Three Jews approach a drinking fountain on the Temple Mount. A Muslim Waqf employee tries to physically block their way and repeatedly turns off the tap when the Jews do succeed in turning the water on. An Israel policeman tries to block the Waqf employee without engaging in physical contact with him. At 1:55 a Muslim woman tries to shut the water on the Jew.

This is anti-Jewish apartheid which the Jordanian controlled Muslim Waqf is imposing on the Temple Mount. Jews are not allowed to pray, or carry any religious item or even wear a shirt or hat with the Israeli flag printed on it. Jews are not allowed to bow down or sway their bodies or shut their eyes, because that is understood by the Waqf guards who scrutinize their every move as being an expression of silent Jewish prayer. Jews are only allowed onto the Temple Mount in small numbers and only for very limited hours, five days a week. Jews are not allowed on the Temple Mount during Muslim holidays and most of the month of Ramadan. Jews are frequently not allowed on the Temple Mount on Jewish holidays. When Muslims threaten to act violently it is the Jews who are kept off the Temple Mount. Jews are not allowed to eat because the blessing they make before eating is forbidden on the Temple Mount. And now, Jews are not allowed to drink water on the Temple Mount.

This video was filmed and uploaded onto an Arabic language Facebook page. The conversational patter that can be heard throughout the video is that of the Muslim women who filmed the incident. The music is emanating from the al aqsa mosque.

Published: September 21, 2015
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