Dynamic! Wonderful! Famous “Where Are You From?!” Speech By BB Netanyahu!

You need to look a long time to find a leader as inspired and inspiring as Benjamin Netanyahu. Born and raised in Jerusalem, he spent his high school years with his family in Philladelphia, and returned at 18 to serve, as required, in the IDF where he volunteered for an elite commando unit. There he participated in several dangerous opereations and fought in the Yom Kippur war. Netanyahu continued with his studies completing a master’s degree in management at MIT.

Netanyahu’s diplomatic career began when his brother Yoni was killed commanding Operation Thunderbolt, organized to free Jewish and Israeli hostages being held in Entebbe, Uganda by terrroists who had hijacked their Air France aircraft. It was then that Binyamin Netanyahu began his war on terrorism.

Netanyahu believes that for the nation of Israel to have a future it must know and cherish its past. Watch the video as he asks Birthright participants if there are any Rachels, Rebeccas or Jakes in the room. He explains to them that the original Rachel, Rebecca and Jacob all lived in the land of Israel. Israel is where everything began for the Jewish people. And Israel is where the Jewish destiny lies.

He forgot, perhaps, to mention one important point. He forgot to tell the Rachels and Jakes how special and incredible it is that their parents chose those names for them and continue to use them after thousands of years. That connection, in essence, is what ties the People of Israel to eternity.

Published: January 15, 2016
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