Exclusive Interview: The Most Important Person Today Standing up for the IDF!

Avi Abelow’s hero, Richard Kemp, is a retired British army officer of 30 years who fought in Operation Banner, the Gulf War, the Bosnian War, the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq War. Kemp has witnessed terror war-tactics, has studied how to deal with them and has even served as Counter Terrorism and Security Advisor to the Government of Macedonia. One needs not doubt his credentials on war and especially war against terror.
When Kemp says that Israelis can be very proud of the Israeli Defense Forces, that is something to take seriously. Despite the constant attacks on Israel and its soldiers by Muslim countries and the Muslim- state dominated UN, there is something truly moral about the IDF that drives them to take every precaution possible so as not to hurt civilians. And Kemp knows what the consequences are if Israel does not win a single war. Total destruction of the entire civilian population.
Kemp believes in Israel and is working hard to help Israel believe in itself as well.

Published: June 10, 2015
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