Experience the Destruction and Rebuilding of Jerusalem Like Never Before

The beauty of the concept of the Holy Temple was that it was meant to be a place for each and every person in the world to come to experience God and spriituality. Everyone was welcome. Today, if you’re not Muslim and you want a spiritual experience at the site of the Holy Temple, you’re not welcome. The Waqf (Muslim Brotherhood) controls the Temple Mount and will take a video of anyone they suspect of praying, swaying or making any religious gesture while standing on the Temple Mount. They see these things as a threat to them and their religion.
Yet as Judaism preaches tolerance and would like to bring the nations of the world closer, Islam feels threatened by other religions and has demanded that no religion other than Islam be practiced in any way on the Jewish Temple Mount. If anyone dares to move their lips in prayer they are arrested.
Islam is a funny kind of religion that takes you back years, to times we’d all rather not remember. It’s a good reason for us all to pray that the Jewish Temple be rebuilt.

Published: July 19, 2015
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