Finally Al Jazeera Gets the Live on-air Beating it Deserves!

The real question here is how on earth did Al Jazeera decide to have Douglas Murray, Associate director of the London based Henry Jackson Society, participate in this talk show? He has no problem directly attacking the interviewer.

Murray, British writer, journalist and commentator, is not known for his liberal, pro-Muslim views.

And I must say, that the Al Jazeera station showed a tremendous amount of courage in inviting Murray to participate on the show.

Hard as he tried, the talk show host could not find a way to get Murray to condemn the anti-radical Islam protests in France and Germany, after the murder of 11 Parisians who were shot down in the newspaper office where they worked.

Murray is razor sharp as he gallantly defends freedom of speech in Europe and attacks Muslims who believe that all of Europe need to follow Islamic religious anti-blasphemy laws? Sign of the times? Perhaps. This may help Europeans wake up and realize what’s happening right beneath their noses.

Published: April 9, 2017
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