Gad Elbaz singing (Soon there will be peace!)

Gad Elbaz is perhaps the most versatile and enjoyable voice in Jewish music today. He can both sing upbeat and pure emotional heart-breaking music. He sings amazing oldies and creates brand new masterpieces. His origins are from the Sephardic heritage, but he sings classic Ashkenazi songs too.

This beautiful rendition of the song Ana B’Koach is sung every Friday night as the Sabbath enters. The song is a supplication to the Lord that He free us from the shackles of whatever is in our way of spiritual development.

The words offer praise to G-d, but are more of a plea to purify our souls on the Sabbath and allow us to pursue our true goals in this world.

Gad Elbaz at his best

One of the other dandies of Gad Elbaz are “God is King” (Hashem Melech) which he sings with Nissim. That song has already received more than 5 million views on YouTube.

Gad Elbaz is a true superstar today.  Try yourself and see if you can listen to one of his upbeat songs and not keep singing it throughout the rest of the day.  Another one of his amazing productions is the following wedding song.


Published: February 3, 2011
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