Great Archaeology Find in Israel!

“We want to show what the stones tell us and not what the books tell us”, says Dr. Sylvia Rosenberg, Curator at the first exhibition of its kind at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, entitled “Herod the Great: The King’s Final Journey”. The exhibit has attracted many Israelis and tourists to see the accomplishments of King Herod who ruled the land of Israel thousands of years ago.
The exhibit allows you to step inside the throne room at Herod’s palace in Jericho and follow his funeral procession to his burial place at the Herodium passing through many of the famous sites he built on the way. After traveling the country and seeing the enormous amount of structures Herod built on breathtaking locations, this exhibit brings it all together. As one tourist puts it, “Seeing it come to life is really cool!”

Published: March 1, 2014
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