Hamas commanders receive video from the IDF and instantly crawl back into cave they came from

From the time of Israel’s unilateral evacuation of the Gaza strip in 2006, leaving a booming agricultural industry behind, Hamas took control of the area and began shelling Israel. Beginning with simpler quassam rocket, loaded with a mere 9 kg. of explosives, the Hammas built up their arsenal, supplied with a range of larger rockets from the Grad (45 kg of explosives) to the M-302 with a warhead of 144 kg of explosives.
The Hamas began to shoot hundreds of such warheads into civilian population centers in Israel. In 2008 , before Operation Cast Lead, the number of missiles reached almost 1200 and over 2000 by the end of the operation. The next time the citizens of Israel had to face such massive shelling was in 2012 when the IDF responded with with operaton Pillar of Defense. In 2014 the number of missiles increased and the IDF began with an airforce attack on sites where explosive missiles were being stashed.
This video shows the mindfulness and the decisiveness of the IAF as they rid the Hamas terror organization of enormous amounts of deadly explosives raining down upon innocent civilians. This is a war of defense that the IDF will fight until Hamas stops attacking innocent Israelis.
This is the only way to fight terror and bring peace.

Published: July 10, 2017
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