Hebron Arabs riot against Trump, throw shoes at Trump banner

This pathetic protest was staged in Hebron to protest the Trump administration.

In this poorly staged video, we see the most impressive product that the so-called “Palestinian Nation” has succeeded in producing.

That is – “Shoe Tossing” protests. This is quite an original idea – just like the entire concept of a “Palestinian nation” is an original idea invented a few decades ago.

Justice, Equality, and Self-determination are things that only these Arabs in Israel have. If they cross Israel’s border to the South, East, North East, or North, they will have a lower quality of life in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon.

They will have no voting rights whatsoever, and either be killed in a civil war or receive horrible medical care.

In Israel, they receive top of the line medical care – for free. They are allowed to vote for their municipal leadership, and have Arab judges serving alongside Jewish judges from the lofty Supreme Court and downward.

That is why they stay in Israel and protest – because they are allowed to.

Published: March 11, 2017
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