These nine Holocaust Survivors have come together to send you a message

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow and Aaron S.

Many people today say ‘never again’, referring to the fact that ‘never again’ should we allow a holocaust to happen. The sad thing is that genocides are taking place everyday all over the world, and the global community does very little to stop them. Hence, the constant mantra of saying ‘never again’ stays as words alone. The World Jewish Congress wanted to do something about this. They no longer want the words ‘never again’ to ring hollow. They put together this special video with holocaust survivors to get this message out their to the masses. Not just to remember in order to keep the memories of the holocaust alive, but to keep the lessons alive so that ‘never again’ truly becomes ‘never again’!

These woman are helping to raise awareness about the Holocaust. Did you get the message? Will you pass it on?

January 27 is a date that Israel suggested to the United Nations to be marked as International Holocaust Remembrance Day by the world community, and it was accepted to help recall the millions of Jews and other minorities systematically killed by the Nazis. January 27th was chosen because it holds significance as the day in 1945 when the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and Yad Vashem in Jerusalem both hold commemorations on this day.

The Jewish community already has two days on our calendar when we commemorate the holocaust. One day is our holy fast day of the ninth of Av (on the Jewish calendar), which is commemorated as a generic day for all the atrocities that the Jewish people have experienced, throughout our history. And the second day is a special day just for the Holocaust called Holocaust Remembrance Day, which the State of Israel reserves for a full day of state and educational programs focused exclusively on the Holocaust.

Published: January 28, 2018
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