HONDA is seeking Israeli innovation and are getting way more than they thought!

When people think of Honda, the first thing that comes to mind is usually

the car or power tool. Yet Honda has their eye on the future in a very

big way. Honda knows that Israelis have a knack for survival amid a violent

Middle East and murderous neighbors, and their science and technological

innovations are second to none. So Honda initiated their

Xcelerator program in Israel. This program is for innovator and start-up

companies to work with Honda. It offers funding for rapid prototyping, a

collaborative work space, and teaming with Honda leaders and mentors. And

they are working with many Israeli companies. For example, one Israeli

company is developing an optical microphone. This device doesn’t rely on standard sound waves and air vibrations.

Instead, the device uses optical vibrations to interpret sound. So let’s understand this invention – the microphone

picks up optical vibrations of the speaker, not any air vibrations. For example, take a driver using a hands-free

device in a car with an open window. The rushing air would make his speech quite garbled or difficult to

understand. Or there could be other disturbances that affect the microphone’s ability to record clearly. For

example, the radio might be on. Or other people may be making noise. Yet the optical microphone would, at least

theoretically, eliminate background noise. It simply wouldn’t register it. It would only focus on the optical

vibrations of the speaker, sending their words clearly without the wind or radio in the background. This is just

but one one example of Honda Xcelerator’s program. They have definitely come to the right place to find innovative

research and development startups. We are looking forward to seeing what products will eventually be sold, and are so very proud of the Israeli contribution to the field of science and technology at Honda!

Published: February 10, 2018
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