Hillary Clinton on the Daily Show actually explains the facts to John Stewart. When asked by Stewart if she can’t understand the Palistinians turning to Hamas as the only ones fighting to improve their lot, Clinton answers: “When Israel withdrew from Gaza, and I was aware of that, I was in the Senate, I was talking to the people who were organizing it, they left a lot of their businesses. There was a very valuable horticultural business that was set up by the Israelis that had lived in Gaza , and the idea was that this would be literally turned over, money was provided, there would be a fund that would train Palestinians in Gaza to do this work. And basically, the leadership said, ‘We don’t want anything left from Israel.’ Destroyed it all. That mentality, to me, is hard to deal with.”

What’s really hard to deal with is that Israel pulled out of Gaza unilaterally, creating an appalling situation for Israelis and Palistinians alike. Life for Palistinians has declined drastically since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. Israeli inhabitants of the Gaza strip have made tremendous efforts to reestablish themselves and their businesses, but, a large percentage have suffered terribly for nine years since the evacuation, and continue to suffer. Say nothing of the cities and towns who border Gaza and live daily with the reality of missiles and terror tunnels.

So let’s not talk about “occupation”. Life was much better for all before the occupation of Gaza ended in 2005.

Published: December 29, 2014
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