I Can’t Remember The Last Time I Saw Something This Inspiring

The Israeli army’s “masa kumta” or “journey of the beret” is the last stop for a combat soldier before beginning active duty. For the parents of these soldiers, this is a very emotional time. It means their son can be sent on military missions and even to war.

Yet there is also a deep sense of pride in what their son has chosen to do at a very young age. He has decided to put his life on the line for the Jewish People. For Israelis, it’s almost a given. In Israel, every high school student knows that when they graduate, before going on to university, the State of Israel will ask each one to give three years of his or her life in order to defend their country, the only country in the world which protects the Jewish Nation. Some of the draftees will go to combat units, others to administrative jobs, and yet others will become medics, drivers or technicians. Suddenly, life becomes serious business.

Louis Miller, a young Jewish American, has now made two major journeys: 1. the present “journey of the beret” before entering active duty and 2. the journey from his home in Alabama to Israel and the IDF. Louis’s journeys are an everlasting testimony to the unity and spirit of the Jewish People.

Published: December 17, 2016
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