I died of laughter at every line!

Sad. So Sad. As satiric as Pierre Rehov intends this video to be, it is truly a comment on the depressing brainwashing that goes on in the Arab world and specifically in the palistinian authority. And it’s not limited to Moslems. Rehov states:
“There is no freedom of press under the Palestinian Authority, and no journalist can report honestly without risking his life.”

This is not a marginal phenomenon. This is a huge population teaching its people day by day horrible myths and ideas that become part and parcel of the culture. They hear nothing else. It is forbidden to hear anything else.

“That leads to a situation where Palestinians are not considered grown-ups, while Jews are demonized in the same way they have been during the worst periods of their tragic history.” Rehov states on French television. He tells the French who live among many Moslems:

“If you want to protect Palestinian children, don’t let them be used as human shields by Muslim extremists! Don’t keep silent! Do something, now!”

Published: August 14, 2017
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