Iranian drone infiltrates Israeli territory, Israel responds with massive airstrikes in Syria

Iranian UAV Intercepted by an Israeli Helicopter:

By Avi Abelow @aviabelow

Israelis woke up this morning to an Iranian drone being shot down over Israeli skies. Israeli intelligence services followed this Iranian drone, launched from Syria, as it flew from Syria, through Jordan, and into Israeli airspace. As soon as it crossed into Israeli airspace, Israel shot it down.

After Israel shot down the Iranian drone, she then sent in a number of planes to bomb Iranian military installations in Syria. The Syrians/Iranians shot around twenty five Russian made missiles at the Israeli F-16 plane. One of the missiles succeeded in shooting the tail of the Israeli plane off, over Syrian territory. After being hit, the Israeli pilot succeeded in flying the plane into Israeli airspace, where he and the co-pilot/navigator ejected into Israeli territory. One of them is in good condition while the second one is in serious, but stable, condition after surgery. Even after that hit, Israel then sent a second bunch of planes to continue bombing Iranian military installations in Syria.


Israeli teams investigate site of warplane crash:

No word has been released about the injured/killed Syrians or Iranians. Based on information regarding Israel’s hits on the Iranian installations in Syria, it can be assumed that there were a number of injuries and fatalities on the side of the Syrians and Iranians.

The Iranian drone crossing into Israeli airspace is a red line that Israel could not let go by without an appropriate response. That is the reason Israel then immediately sent planes into Syrian airspace to shoot Iranian installations in Syria, including the roaming location that launched the drone.

A number of firsts took place with this incident.
1. The first time that Iran has entered Israeli airspace.
2. The first time an Israeli plane has been shot down by our Arab enemies since the 1973 war.

Israel has been warning the world for years that Iranian influence in the region is growing, which would eventually bring about military escalation in the area. Unfortunately, Obama’s Iran nuclear deal only emboldened Iran to further escalate its violence, terror and takeover of Arab lands (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen etc.) while enriching them with hundreds of billions of dollars to do it with. Russia also has passively allowed Iran to grow its influence in the region, while also selling the land to air missiles to Syria, allowing Syria for the first time to be able to shoot down Israeli planes.

This is a very dangerous incident and we will be following its developments.

3 observations by past IDF spokesman:

1. First direct Iranian operation against Israel
2 Iran and its proxies are preparing the battlefield of a future war
3 Iranians in Syria means there are plenty targets for the IDF, the counter strike shows that Israel has operable intelligence.

F-16 pilot parachutes down after ejecting from plane:

IDF Graphic
Published: February 10, 2018
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