Is there really an Occupation?

Professor Eugene Kontorovich, an expert in International law and the Arab-Israeli conflict, easily dispels the myth that Israel is occupying the West Bank, showing how the world holds Israel to a double-standard.

The so-called “West Bank” the world considers “occupied” is, in fact, disputed territory.

The only time the “West Bank” was occupied, was when Jordan invaded it in 1948, expelled the Jews and held it for 19 years until 1967 when it fell into Israeli hands.

Israel has purposely refrained from annexing these lands in order to reach a viable peace agreement with the Palestinians, but the Palestinian Authority has repeatedly rejected a number of offers.

The requirement by UN Resolution 242 for the “withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict” has already been fulfilled. In 1979, Israel withdrew from the Sinai as part of its peace deal with Egypt, and in 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza and parts of Samaria.

It is time for the world to understand that Israel is not an “occupier” and the “West Bank” is not, and has never been, “Palestinian.”


Published: June 11, 2017
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