Israel and IDF Finally Cracking Down on the Muslim Terror!

In this real action footage, IDF soldiers can be seen working hand-in-hand with undercover IDF soldiers. These masked youth – who are actually IDF soldiers – joined up with an anti-Israel demonstration and then surprised some of the rabble rousers by catching them from behind and arresting them.

Note how the foreign press – who just happened to be in the area when the protests occurred – were positioned perfectly to grab some great footage showing alleged Israeli Army “brutality.”

What you are seeing is actually excellent tactical maneuvers by the Israeli Army to stop terror in its tracks.

If this is what is called brutality by the foreign press, then perhaps these cameramen should be embedded in one of the battles taking place in Syria with ISIS. Then, they will see what real brutality is all about.

The only reason you are even seeing this video is because in Israel, there is real freedom of press.

Love seeing terrorists caught from behind.

Published: October 6, 2017
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