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Israel, My Promised Land

“Israel, My Promised Land” is a mini-movie that shows how in a mere 70 years, the tiny State of Israel developed into a modern, dynamic, incredible country. Against all odds, surrounded by hostile forces, this little slice of desert land, has blossomed into a high-tech hub, spiritual center and beautiful, cultured land. Israel is “my promised land” and stands as a strong, democratic, righteous nation to be honored and respected by all.

The Promised Land is truly a place that is beyond words. The artful collage of pictures in this short clip serves as a nice backdrop. But perhaps the best part of this video is the lack of words.


Yes – spiritual matters often cannot be put into words. They are beyond words.  So is the Land of Israel.  How many people have come into the State of Israel with plans to see 10 or 20 top tourist sites.  But then , they stop travelling around and then decide to just walk the streets and meet the people?  Why?  Because, new sites are often less attractive than just feeling the people of the Land.

That feeling is often a spiritual feeling that cannot be explained.

Speechless is the word that comes up so often when people talk about what they felt at the Western Wall or other religious sites.

The Promised Land is indeed a spiritual country that all should respect and praise.

Published: August 6, 2018
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