Israel Straight Talk #115: The World Has Gone Mad and Innocent Civilians Suffer

An Israeli soldier hit a pro-palestine, anti-Israel activist from Denmark and gave him a fat lip. This is after 2 hours of defying IDF orders to vacate the road they were blocking and breaking the fingers of the IDF officer. The IDF officer should get a punishment for hitting the “non-violent” protestor, but the amount of attention that the world press is giving this incident is insulting to the true atrocities taking place in the world today that are getting little to no attention. Thousands of Syrians are being massacred by their own government, Muslims are killing Christians in Nigeria and there are plenty of other cases where innocent civilians are being killed or harassed, yet the mainstream media and politicians prefer to focus on some little incident in Israel, damning real victims in the world without a voice to help their situation. There is a positive and negative side to all of this attention that Israel gets. Watch the video for the our full opinion.

Published: April 17, 2012
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