Israel Straight Talk #116: Israel and the Holocaust – NO CONNECTION!

Read my lips – THERE IS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN THE HOLOCAUST AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL, PERIOD! The Land of Israel was the homeland for the Jewish people for thousands of years. We are the indigenious population of this area and we were exiled by the Assyrians and then the Romans. It is the Romans who created the term “Palestine” to rename this region in order to erase its real name – JUDEA! The world powers at the end of World War I decided that the time had come to once again allow the Jews to rule over themselves in their homeland. As Winston Churchill declared in June, 1922 “When it is asked what is meant by the development of the Jewish National Home in Palestine….it is essential that it should know that it is in Palestine as of right and not on sufferance.” This was in 1922, before World War II and before the holocaust. So, never let any anti-Israel activist get away with the lie that Israel only exists because of the pity of the world as a result of the 6 million deaths of Jews in Europe. If anything, the holocaust proved to all, that only in their own Jewish homeland can Jews protect themselves, so we say thank G-d for the State of Israel!

Published: April 18, 2012
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