Israeli 8 year old girl travels to Africa and is shocked to see what her mother has done

This story highlights the differences between children raised in Israel and children in sub-Saharan African villages through the eyes of an 8 year-old girl based in North Tel Aviv. The focal point of the video will be through the lens of Emily Yaari, the daughter of Sivan Yaari, Founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa, an NGO whose mission has brought clean water, energy, healthcare, education, food and more to over 1 million people in Africa using Israeli technologies.

The video follows Emily, Sivan and Innovation: Africa’s team members (Israeli and African) to drought-stricken areas throughout Uganda. This is Emily’s first time traveling to Africa and experienced first-hand poverty, disease, and vast differences to her remedial daily life in Israel. The film focuses on the differences between Emily’s life, which is full of opportunities, wealth, booming infrastructure in the heart of North Tel Aviv, juxtaposed with the children living in the most remote villages in Africa, lacking basic needs such as shoes, mattresses, food, education, vaccinations, and most importantly, the constant struggle to find water. The difference is enormous and carries an extremely important lesson to educate children around the world, especially the Israeli youth in the sense of “tikkun olam” – carried out by Innovation: Africa, all in the name of Israel with Israeli technologies.

Published: September 11, 2017
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